GB125 Photo Competition Winners

And the winners are...



Age 4 - 7s category: a photo which shows why you love Girls' Brigade...

Congratulations to Harriet Kehoe from 1st Cranham!




Age 8 - 11s category: a photo which shows your favourite memory of Girls' Brigade....

Congratulations to Kelsey Lennie from 63rd Cranhill!


Kelsey explains:
'This photo highlights my favourite memory of Girls' Brigade because I got to try different activities that were sooo fun but sooo scary But having my friends around me gave me courage and added into the fun experience. Being at camp with the Girls' Brigade we also had worship time including craft, singing and different challenges. One challenge I remembered was being given a card that had the word’s ‘look at me I am limited’ we would hand these cards over to anyone we wanted. This was an easy way to say to friends and leaders that I had reached my limit, that I was struggling and they would help me in many different ways; from doing activities with me or even giving me words of courage. This has given me confidence to approach people to ask for help including my friends, teachers and more confident and less embarrassed to contact God!'


Age 12 - 14s category: a photo which shows how Girls' Brigade has inspired you....

Congratulations to Ellie Hammerton from 128th GBNI!


 Ellie explains:

'GB has inspired me to help others in their walk with God. I have built strong relationships through being in GB, and this has enriched my friendships. In GB I can be myself and I can feel safe to have fun with my friends.'


Age 15 - 17s category: a photo which shows how Girls' Brigade has inspired you....

Congratulations to Faye Barker from 1st Elland!


Faye explains:

'Because of GB I am Faithful.
GB has taught me to be faithful to God and strengthen my love towards the Lord. His teachings have made me a more wholesome, devoted and accepting person. He gives me the confidence to tackle everyday problems in life and to ignore the negative people. My photo represents God being everywhere and surrounding us with his love. He is the light in many peoples life which is presented through the cross. He shines through even in the darkest of times and always watching over us and protecting us from harm. His home is shown through the church which should be celebrated by us all, this was the meaning behind the photo. However, I am also faithful towards my friends, of which I have made many during my time at GB. GB has inspired me to be a loyal and trustworthy friend. At GB we help each other and promise to remain kind. The allegiance of GB always stays together to help share the love of all. Finally, I am faithful to always being myself. GB has allowed me to gain confidence and has given me the opportunity to always be myself and celebrates everyone’s individuality. I feel supported and accepted at girls brigade, so no matter what I will always be me and always be faithful to those I care for.'


Over 18s category: a photo which shows how Girls' Brigade has transformed your life....

Congratulations to Annie Fennell from 128th NI!


Annie explains:

'This photo shows how GB has impacted my life as it displays my evolution from a girl to a young woman. GB has aided me to grow from a 'Tiny', starting my Christian journey; to a 'Brigader', ready to go on and share my faith. I can help those younger than me in the same way those older than me helped to nurture me, and impact my own Christian journey.'

Thank you to everyone who participated! The GB Europe family is very talented.